About us

Dear Friend,

School isn't cool and neither is learning. At least it hasn't been in most of our inner-city and low-income neighborhoods. But it isn't because minority kids, poor kids, or immigrant kids don't like to learn like the media may want us to believe. It's because they are kids. Kids just want to be accepted. That means they only do cool things. Unfortunately, the cool things they're doing now are more likely to get them in trouble then get them ahead in life.

I know firsthand because I was the kid who did the cool things that got him in trouble. But I was also the kid who actually enjoyed learning. My saving grace was that the trouble I got myself into, I also managed to get myself out of. Otherwise, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

I started Practice Makes Perfect's summer programs when I was 18 to give kids growing up just like me a space to enjoy learning. Now, our team is launching Practice Makes Perfect's retail brand to make learning cool. Retail has the power to make things cool. Nike did it for running, Jordan did it for basketball, Under Armour for football, Lululemon for yoga, and we're trying to do it for education. Will you join us?

Support a brand that supports education. Support a brand that promotes equity. Help us realize our vision of making ALL kids believe that learning and education are cool.

With gratitude,

Karim Abouelnaga
Founder & CEO